Truck Driving Jobs in Tennessee

Mid South Transport has multiple truck driving job openings for safe and reliable truckers in Tennessee. Join the Mid South team today!

Drive Over the Road Company Routes With Your CDL at Mid South

Perhaps you are looking for a new opportunity? Maybe you’re interested in a career change. This is a great time to jump into the trucking industry with Mid South Company. The trucking trade is struggling with a major lack of operators. This means your job will be stable and your skills will forever be in demand, especially if you are experienced and have several years of safe driving on your record. This also means pay and benefits for drivers have significantly improved over the past decade. In other words, Mid South has much to offer interested candidates.

More reasons professional drivers choose Mid South:

Great Pay.
It is a fact that transportation companies are able to pay more due to the fact that there is a lack drivers, particularly long-haul drivers. In fact, you can enjoy higher pay than some college graduates. In addition, you are usually guaranteed regular pay raises as you add on years of experience.

Great Benefits.
Mid South Transport has an array of benefits for our drivers. Our benefits include health insurance, life insurance, dental, vision, and 401k retirement plans. Mid South also provides paid vacation and holidays.

Job Security.
With a position as a Mid South Transport OTR trucker, you have much more security in your occupation . The trucking occupation is a perpetually in-demand trade and because there is a scarcity of truck drivers, you will invariably have a job open to you, especially if you are knowledgeable and have a few years of safe driving under your belt.

Mid South Transport Truck Driving Jobs

At Mid South Transport, driving isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a career. We respect the profession as well as the men and women who keep our economy moving.

Come work for Mid South Transport and you’ll retire with us!



If the idea of a stable job with reliable hours on and off the road appeals to you, please contact our super friendly driver recruiting staff today. They are looking forward to hearing from you right now! The most successful drivers are patient, determined, independent, and have a good work ethic, good judgement, and strong intuition.


Great Bonuses

Mid South Company has many bonus packages available to our employees. We are happy to offer frequent bonuses based on distance benchmarks. Our team members also get additional bonuses for having a sparkling safety record as well as your longevity with the company.


Job Security

With a position as a Mid South Transport truck driver, you will have the benefit of career-long security in your job. The trucking occupation is a secure industry and you will invariably have an opening open to you, especially if you have a record of safe driving under your belt.