Truck Driving Jobs in Kentucky

Mid South Transport is currently seeking reliable, professional truckers for openings in Kentucky. Join the Mid South team today!

See the Country With Mid South Transport

Many drivers we work with consider the truck driving job to be more of a lifestyle than a job. We agree! Truckers usually embrace adventure. The open road. The distant mountains. The endless rolling plains. There is so much to see out on the highway. Truck driving gives drivers the opportunity to visit areas of the country that most people will never have the chance to visit. So it’s not uncommon for that some Mid South drivers also become ‘professional tourists.’

We respect the truck driving occupation and the men and women who do the job. We are proud to provide exceptional pay and benefits.

More reasons professional drivers choose Mid South:

Mid South jobs are some of the best trucker jobs available. The is the time to put your skills first and let us find you a new trucking job.

Mid South Transport is a mid-sized logistics company and we are quickly growing. Our smaller size translates into more personal relationship where we know our team members one-on-one! We have excellent people, equipment and benefits.

Drive for us and you’ll want to retire with us. Team members get great benefits and great compensation for dedicated truck drivers.

Mid South Transport Truck Driving Jobs in Kentucky

At Mid South Transport, driving isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a career. We respect the profession as well as the men and women who keep our economy moving.

Come work for Mid South Transport and you’ll retire with us!


Great Pay

We increased our driver’s pay scale twice this year, putting us at the very top of the Carrier Pay Scale in the industry! We added extra pay for short runs (375 miles or under), increased detention pay, and added pay for downtime. We now offer starting pay $58k-$63k, with reviews every six months for pay increases. No Top Out Pay!!!


Great Bonuses

Mid South Transport has several bonuses available to our drivers. We are happy to offer frequent bonuses based on distance benchmarks. Truckers also get additional bonuses for having a sparkling safety record as well as your longevity with the company.


Job Security

With a career as a Mid South Transport truck driver, you will experience much more security in your occupation . The truck driving profession is a perpetually in-demand market and due to the fact that there is a lack drivers, you will consistently have an opportunity waiting for you, especially if you have a safe driving record.