Truck Driving Jobs in Georgia

Mid South has several truck driving job opportunities for safe and reliable CDL drivers in the Peach State. Join the Mid South team today!

Jump Start Your Truck Driving Career With Mid South

Are you seeking a new challenge? Maybe you’re interested in a career change. This is the time to consider the trucking industry with Mid South Transport. The trucking vocation is struggling with a major shortage of drivers. This means your position will be stable and your skills will forever be in demand, especially if you are knowledgeable and have a record of safe driving under your belt. This also means benefits for truckers have greatly increased over the past decade. In other words, Mid South has plenty to offer interested candidates.

We respect the trucker occupation as well as the tireless drivers who drive the rigs. We are proud to offer industry-leading pay and benefits.

Georgia Truck Drivers Wanted, Great Benefits Included

Join the Mid South team and you will find many of the best trucker jobs available. Today is the day to put your skills first and make the change to a new truck driving job.

Mid South Transport is a mid-sized trucking firm and we are quickly growing. Our smaller size means that we can take the time to get to know our team members one-on-one! We have good people, equipment and benefits.

Drive for us and you’ll want to retire with us. Mid South drivers always receive great benefits and great compensation for skilled truck drivers.

Mid South Transport Truck Driving Jobs in Georgia

At Mid South Transport, driving isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle and a career. We respect the profession as well as the men and women who keep our economy moving.

Come work for Mid South Transport and you’ll retire with us!


Great Pay

We increased our driver’s pay scale twice this year, putting us at the very top of the Carrier Pay Scale in the industry! We added extra pay for short runs (375 miles or under), increased detention pay, and added pay for downtime. We now offer starting pay $58k-$63k, with reviews every six months for pay increases. No Top Out Pay!!!


Great Bonuses

Mid South Transport has numerous bonuses available to our employees. We are happy to offer frequent bonuses based on distance and type of load. Truckers also earn bonuses for having a great safety record or your longevity with the company.



Almost all trucking firms offer drivers a flexible route schedule to engage potential drivers. Mid South Transport is no different. More often than not, truck drivers may be offered the opportunity to choose what type of shipments they would prefer to drive. Truckers can usually pick between local runs, long distance runs, or cross-region runs.